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Renate Weber, Human Rights expert, Member of the European Parliament, with a presentation entitled "Où sont les neiges d'antan? What happened to our good, old civil rights and liberties?", which she summarized as follows:

Entire generations have striven, even struggled in the proper sense of the word, in order that their civil and political rights and liberties be acknowledged. Magna Charta was only the great pioneer, blazing the path in this direction. All revolutions that followed placed in their centre the need to do away with abuse and arbitrariness in the social life. And yet, it was only after World War II that we succeeded in getting laws to recognize these rights, at a world wide scale. It took such a horror as that of the Holocaust for world leaders to decide that such an event should never happen in the future. And yet, after only half a century, we witness more and more human rights restrictions and violations, that public opinion seems to look at with serenity. On one hand, states that we expect much from, like the United States of America, have promoted after the tragedy on September 11, 2001, laws and actions that would have been considered inconceivable two-three decades ago; on the other, the European Union, itself, passes laws that allow more and more intrusion in our lives. I am also concerned with the manner in which public opinion has changed, having brought us to the point of a real frenzy of giving up our rights. Last but not least, we are confronted with a true inflation in terms of legislating certain rights, which some people - many, even - consider as fundamental rights. Within this framework, our old good civil rights and liberties seem to lose their importance, and seem less and less appealing. What can we do? What should we do?

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