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Nigel Saul, Professor with the Royal Holloway, University of London, the Department of History, Co-opted member of the Magna Carta 800th Committee, with a presentation entitled  Magna Carta: England and Europe, Then and Now, which he summarized as follows:

The lecture will begin by examining how Magna Carta came to be made and, more precisely, how after King John's death in 1216 it came to be made permanent.  The lecture will go on to explore the world of political ideas out of which the Charter's provisions emerged, stressing the European dimension to the baronial reformers' thinking; and it will conclude by looking at the later history of the Charter, showing how some of its most important provisions were made the subject of parliamentary enactments between the fourteenth century and the seventeenth, and reflecting on the paradox that although England gave birth to what may be regarded as Europe's first 'written constitution', it yet lacks such a constitution today.

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