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Edith Lommerse, psychologist, journalist and police officer in the Netherlands. Edith spent a year of her life 2012-2013 working for the EUPOL the European Police mission in Afghanistan as a Deputy Head of the Communication office. Since June 2012 she is the president of the University Women of Europe, with a presentation entitled  "From words into action, women claiming their divine rights (which is partly also the theme for the EWL marching up to the CSW and a referral to the Magna Carta reducing the divine rights of the king:), which she summarized as follows:

I will shortly explain how comfortable a status quo is and change doesn't come from writing rules and regulations alone although they are essential. Using several metaphors. The neccesity of change comes from the urge of inidividuals, awareness raising groups like UWE and its associations and on a state level and global level by advocating through COE, EU and UN.. In this I will depict a short history of the women's associations and the major steps which have been taken and how much action is still needed to change the constitutions to be gender sensitive.  using my experience in the mission in Afghanistan.
Next steps? Not more of the same, working to keep the conventions in place and of course the implementation of the conventions especially the convention of Istanbul.
Most importantly us for women that have acquired a good education to now use it to advantage of society as a whole and take up their rightful place in decision making processes. By improving skills which are a challenge for most but seemingly especially for women, networking and cooperating to the advancement of each other and refraining from the need to criticize any women who is daring to be more visible and tries to take charge. The crab basket structure in which one doesn’t need to put a lid on the basket because the crabs will keep each other in place. Time we women learn to take charge and use our potential.

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